Gonzalo de Osma

Gonzalo de Osma, Chief Accounting Officer

Mr. de Osma currently serves as the Chief Accounting Officer of Codere Online. Mr. de Osma has been Codere Group’s Digital Division Chief Financial Officer and member of its Board of Directors since September 2018. Mr. De Osma had various roles in his more than 14-year career at Codere Group and, prior to joining the Digital Division, he was Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board of Directors and Steering Committee of the Codere Group’s Mexican Business unit where it supervised a diversified portfolio, including gaming halls, racetrack, an exhibition center and an amusement park. At that moment, Mr. De Osma lead negotiations on the first international bank loan granted to a Mexican gaming company. In 2017, Mr. De Osma actively participated in the valuation, negotiation and final purchase of a minority stake in the main Mexican Subsidiary of the Codere Group. Previously, he was responsible for the successful merger integration of the joint business under which the Codere Group operated in Mexico. Additionally, he has led several M&A projects, productivity initiatives and implemented cost reductions. Mr. De Osma earned a Bachelor in Business Administration by the University of Wales.