Deborah Guivisdalsky

Deborah Guivisdalsky, Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Guivisdalsky currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Codere Online. Prior to that, she served as Head of CRM / VIP. Prior to that she was Codere Group’s Malta site manager. She was responsible for the opening of the offices in Malta and the establishment of the different teams and departments. Ms. Guivisdalsky currently oversees all the day-to-day operations across the different teams sitting in Malta such as Fraud, Payments, VIP and CRM. Previously, Ms. Guivisdalsky worked at Ladbrokes as Head of VIP in Gibraltar where she created and managed a team of 60 persons. Previously, Ms. Guivisdalsky was Head of Casino at Xwise, where she helped to build the teams and managed employees directly under her responsibility. Ms. Guivisdalsky was also in charge of the operations handling for VIP, CRM and Customer Support as part as her tasks for over seven years.